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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Using Images for SEO

Humans vs. Search Engines Human visitors and search engine robots that visit websites and index information about them look for different things in a page. People like to see an attractive layout with nice pictures and graphics, animation, easy-to-locate navigation, and friendly greetings like "Welcome to Annie's Online Shop" at the top of a page. Search engines, on the other hand, like sites that have lots of textual content, good site structure (sitemaps, consistent linking style), and a meaningful phrase such as "Chicago Area Florist" as the heading of a page. While search engines can read the "alt image" tags of graphics, they cannot "look at" pictures the way a human visitor can, and far prefer text.

Replacing Text with Images

One way to work around this paradox is to shift some of the text that search engines have no interest in over to graphics. For example friendly greetings like "Welcome to Our Site" or "Annie's Online Shop" work best as header graphics.

Creating a header graphic in a graphic editing program like Photoshop, Illustrator, or Fireworks has the advantage of letting you know exactly what that part of your site will look like to visitors. If you create a header or navigation bar with text, you are limited to a common set of fonts. If you use a fancy font that is installed on your computer, your page will look great to you, but when a visitor who does not have that font on their computer visits your site, their browser's default font will be used and that nice aspect of your site will disappear. By making your header or navigation button images, you are free to use any of the fonts on your computer, and can be sure they will display the same way to your visitors.

Another advantage of using a header graphic is that you can remove words irrelevant to your target keywords from your textual content. When search engine robots visit a site, they read pages from left to right, top to bottom. The first 20-25 words and last 20-25 words of your text content are especially important, and you want to make sure to include your target keywords within these sections. If at all possible, your primary target keyword phrase should be the very first text in your page. That is, if you are able to make a natural-sounding sentence beginning with it. If your page begins with "Welcome to our site!", then you are pushing your keyword further away from the starting point of your text.

The first line of the main text on your page should be in heading format, with H1 tags (In html code it will look like this:

London Hotels

), and should contain your target keyword. However, you may want to add a greeting above the heading ("Welcome to Our Site!" for example). Since this is a very general phrase, with no relevance to any target keyword, it is best to make this a graphic. If your site already has a greeting such as "Welcome to Our Site" in text at the top of your main page, it is relatively easy to convert this to a graphic, as follows.

Open your page in an internet browser.

Push the "Print Screen" button on your keyboard.

Open a photo editing program, such as Photoshop.

Create a new document and select Edit>Paste or Ctrl+V on your keyboard. The screenshot will be pasted on the blank document.

Crop the image down to just the word or phrase you would like to replace, with only a little blank space around the edges.

Choose "Save as" or "Save for Web", saving the file in the "Images" folder of your site.

In your site editor, such as Dreamweaver, simply open your page, delete that text, and drag and drop in the image you created. Save and upload your page.

Replacing Images with Text

Of course, the opposite might also be true of your current site. Your keywords might be displayed as graphics rather than text. In this case, you should either repeat those keywords in text in a way that looks natural, or get rid of the graphics altogether and replace them with text. The important thing is that your target keyword appears as text, as close to the beginning of the page as possible, and within H1 tags.

Alt Image Tags

"Alt image" tags are short pieces of text that are associated with a graphic. If the graphic cannot be displayed for some reason, or if someone has set up their browser to block images, the text is shown instead. (The "alt" is short for "alternative".) Also, browsers designed for the sight impaired read out the text content of pages, and read the alt image tags as a way of describing a page.

Here is what an image tag looks like in html code:

Your<br />Keyword image

The alt image tag is this part:

alt="Your Keyword image"

You can type the alt image tags directly into the html code. However, most html editors, such as Dreamweaver, give you an easier way to add an alt tag, and you should chëck in your software's "Help" section.

Search engine robots do read and index alt image tags. However, since this text is normally hidden from human visitors, it is especially susceptible to keyword spamming (i.e. entering a massive string of keywords that "hide" behind the picture). For this reason, search engines are giving less importance to alt image tags. They still are important though, and having the tags on your pages can give you a slight edge over competitor sites that don't have the tags. When adding alt image tags to your pages, keep the following points in mind:

Don't go overboard. 4 or 5 words are plenty. Resist the temptation to pack in a long list of keywords because this could potentially get your site penalized by search engines or blacklisted from their directories.

The alt image tag should include the primary target keyword of your site.

The tag text should make sense if someone actually read it, and actually describe what is shown in the graphic.

Include "image," "photo," or "graphic" at the end of your short phrase. This prevents the search engines from flagging the tag as späm.

Using these techniques to organize the graphics on your site will give you a slight edge over the competition in the search engines.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Lord of the Clicks ranked Top 36k by Alexa

Lord of the Clicks Ranked top 36k by Alexa in 3 short months!

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We are very excited to announce that we have been ranked in the top 36K websites in all the world in only 3 short months. We are very proud of this accomplishment and would definitely like to celebrate by offering Double the monthly Disbursement Credits for this month.

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Friday, September 08, 2006

10 "Did you forget to" ways to promote your Website

Here are 10 Possibly Forgotten Ways to promote your Web site!

1. Include your URL on business cards, stationery, brochures and other literature. As silly as it may seem, this no-brainer is often overlooked. You'd be amazed how many business owners either forget to place their URL on their business cards or don't think doing so is all that important. Be sure when printing your company's promotional and marketing materials, to leave off the http:// part and include only the www.domain.com portion.

2. Don't neglect e-mail and e-mail newsletters as a way to bring visitors to your Web site. Utilize the signature file option (company name, address, phone number, URL, e-mail address) in your e-mail program. Many business owners sign their e-mails with just their first name, nothing more. Moreover, many business owners still send and receive business-related e-mails using a free e-mail account or their ISP's email, like Hotmail, Yahoo, or Ameritech, rather than using their corporate e-mail account - another free Web site promotion tool.

While it's a big commitment in time, publishing a weekly, monthly, or quarterly newsletter is one of the very best ways to keep in touch with your prospects, generate trust, develop brand awareness, and build future business. Don't forget to place your URL in each newsletter you send out.

3. Take a moment to use your traditional means of advertising to add your URL. Be sure to include your URL in any display or classified ads you purchase in trade journals, newspapers, magazines and more. View your Web site as an information adjunct to the ad - to capture the readers' attention with the ad, and then refer them to a URL where they can obtain more information and perhaps place an order. Look carefully at small display or classified ads in the back of magazines or trade periodicals. Sometimes these ads are more targeted, more effective, and less expensive than online advertising. Consider other traditional media to drive people to your site, such as direct mail, classifieds, post cards, etc.

4. Become an online expert in your field. Use your expertise to become an expert in your field and promote your Web site for free. Sign up for Yahoo Answers (http://answers.yahoo.com/) or Google Answers (http://answers.google.com/answers/) and answer questions asked by online visitors. You will have the opportunity to write your company's URL in your profile. This is a great way to gain additional Internet exposure as well.

5. Issue press releases. When your business has a newsworthy event, send press releases to print and online periodicals. Use these opportunities to mention your company's URL near the bottom of each news release. There are many online PR Websites, including PRWeb.com, PRWire.com and others you may use to promote something exciting happening within your company.

6. Promote your site in mailing lists and news groups. The Internet offers hundreds of targeted e-mail based discussion lists, chat rooms and news groups made up of people with very specialized interests. Spend at least one hour each week searching for groups where a conversation is taking place. Do not use aggressive marketing and overly plug your company, even if you see some people doing so. Instead, add to the discussion in a helpful way and let the signature at the end of your e-mail or post message do the marketing for you. People will gradually get to know and trust you, visit your Web site, and do business with you.

7. Ask visitors to bookmark your site. It seems so simple, but make sure you ask visitors to bookmark your Web site. Use a text link or graphic on the homepage of your Web site.

8. Place URL in any yellow book advertising you already do. I once knew of a company who was spending $90,000 in yellow page advertising, across numerous books in the area, and included front yellow book cover ads as well as full-page, full-color ads throughout the yellow pages. Not once did they mention their Web site, which has been on the Net for many years. The company surprisingly saw no value to it.

Whether placing full-page ads in your local yellow pages, or only paying for a bold listing in the white and business yellow pages of your local directory, consider leaving open one line for your company's Web site address. Because you are already paying for the directory advertising, this is one particular place you definitely do not want to overlook.

9. Write articles for use in newsletters and other Web sites. You can dramatically increase your Internet visibility when you write expert articles about your field and distribute them as free content for other article directories, e-mail newsletters and other related Web sites. At the bottom of each article written, request a link back to your Web site and a one-line description of what you offer. This is an effective viral marketing approach.

10. Devise other viral marketing techniques. Viral marketing uses the communication networks of your site visitors and current customers to spread the word about your Web site exponentially. Some examples include word-of-mouth, public relations, referrals, blogs, creating "buzz", and other forms of network marketing.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

11 Tips to Increase your Website Earnings!

11 Tips to increase your Website Earnings!

  1. Make content pages for your site and put Ads on them: Assuming your page is a decent one, the more pages you have displaying Ads, the more money you’ll earn. If you already have a website, display Ads on more pages. It is very important to focus on making great content pages. Now when I say content pages I just don't mean rehashed old articles I mean real items that can be very useful to your reader. The key here is to get the reader interested in your site so that they will want to come back. The best type of traffic is repeat bookmark/favorites traffic. I suggest that you set aside some time each week for creating pages (and sites) on topics you love. "Would you return to your site if it wasn't YOUR site?" is a good rule of thumb to use. You want quality repeat visitors as well as fresh new traffic. Here are a few contextual ads publishers that I use: Adbrite Clicksor Revenue Pilot SearchFeed
  2. Add resources and tools that people will really use: I have seen many website owners provide debt calculators or adsense calculators on their websites as a way of increasing their traffic. These items really do work. If I find a very useful tool, as I am sure you will agree, I will definitely bookmark that page and return back to it often. More Traffic = More Revenue.
  3. Add a "Bookmark Us" script to your site: You want to make it easy for them to remember your site. So why not remind them and make it easy for them to add you to their favorites. Here is a good location to find this script.Add an "e-mail a friend" script. Word of Mouth Marketing is the best kind. If your visitor enjoys your site enough to refer a friend to it you will create a loyal reader base that will continue to send you qualified traffic. Here is a good script for this.
  4. Add a Refer a Friend Script: You want your visitors to be able to advertise for you as word of mouth advertising is the best kind. Just think, you would be more likely to purchase something from a site that was referred to you by a family member or friend than you would from a banner or e-mail. It adds instant credibility to your product or service. Here is a good one
  5. Add an autoresponder to your site: Capture the e-mail addresses of those that are accessing your site. This way if you have future offerings (for those who sell) or if you would just like to notify those interested in your website that it has a new feature. This is a great way to increase your traffic and have instant access to your members. ABSOLUTELY NO SPAM!!! Do not abuse this. I suggest that you do not attempt to spam the members. This type of abuse will get you banned from mail servers and will tarnish your site's reputation. You do not want this. So please limit the amount of e-mails you send. Don't just send sales pitches, send good informative information that your readers can use. Here is a good solution- This one actually costs some money though
  6. Think about segmenting your sites: Making some pages for high search engine traffic, other pages to sell products, and still other pages just for your ads. To implement this, you’ll need to recognize that different pages on your site can have different purposes. You may have pages designed to sell specific products. Others may be designed to rank high in the search engines (but don’t ever try to trick the search engines). Still others can be designed for Contextual Ads. Use SEO techniques on all your pages. Here is a great free resource.
  7. Join affiliate programs! The web is teething with affiliate programs. Take advantage of high commissions for selling other website's products or services. The best way to do this is to select products that are similar to your products yet non-competing products. Complimentary items usually offer you the best opportunities for commissions. Example: You sell web hosting. A good idea would be to select a product of or related to designing websites. This would be a good complimentary product for you to offer. Try these programs: LinkShare ClickXchange
  8. Set up a Joint Venture or Co-Op: Find other sites that you can co-op with. Exchange backlinks with them, join forces on advertising campaigns. Network with the webmasters of sites that are similar to yours. You will find that most webmasters out there are willing to work with you as they are most likely trying to do the same thing, increase their earnings. Send them an e-mail stating what you are after and what you would like to accomplish. Make this mutually beneficial and you should see great results from this. ALWAYS BE COURTEOUS!
  9. Sell on e-bay: Place your product or service on e-bay. Complete your Profile and setup your online storefront there. Use price leaders to generate interest to your site. (Example: You sell cogs for $50.00, your competitor sells cogs for $45.00. Add a listing on e-bay every week with a sale price of at least 50% off) This will generate more traffic to your site. Use your website address as your name (Example: EarnMoreOnline.com should be EarnMoreOnlinedotcom or some derivative that you like.) Place watermarks of your domain names on all your pictures. This way members will automatically see your website address.
  10. Make your site User-friendly: Place ads in Ad HotSpots. Place your higher converting affiliate products in these spots as well. Whatever converts better for you place those here. Your layout should be clean, in good taste, easy to read and easy to navigate around. There is nothing worst than difficult to read type and a poor design. Don't and I repeat don't create a page of just banners and ads. These pages are terrible The thought process here is poorly designed sites will not garner any repeat traffic. Need Help with Design?
  11. Promote, Promote Promote: You can advertise your programs on a variety of different places. Be original in your advertising promotions. Don't limit yourself to one thing. Experiment with an idea and track its results. If it doesn't work out try something else. There is something that will generate results for you out there. Your goal should be to find it.
Stay tuned for more tips on how and where to advertise, increase your traffic and increase your sales.

If you need help with any of these items we do consulting work for websites. e-mail us for info.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

LOTC Blog Writing Challenge

LOTC's Blog Writing Challenge
Submission Deadline: September 30th, 2006

We are very excited to announce our LOTC Blog Writing Challenge. There will be many great prizes including instant upgrades, bonus credits and more.

Please Submit all Entries prior to September 30th.

Submit your BLOGURL Here

Topic: Why You enjoy Lord of the Clicks?

Format: Blog or Article

All Valid Entries will receive a prize

Members will determine winning URL's through a vote.
(This will help boost your Blog or Article's Traffic as well!)


  1. All entries must be received no later than Midnight (CST) September 30th.
  2. All entries must contain your Referral Link and or LOTC Banner (Find them Here)
  3. Your entry must be in the form of a published Blog or Article that can be found on the internet at any time.
  4. The Blog should not containt any Hate, Slanderous or vulgar materials of any kind.
  5. You CAN submit multiple entries. This is actually recommended.
  6. Entry should be a minimum of 100 Words.
  7. We reserve the right to ban any submission we deem invalid.
  8. Please link to this blog as it would make it easier for the judging.
Check out the Prizes Here

We are looking forward to seeing your posts and giving out the wonderful prizes! Have fun with it!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Lord of the Clicks Toolbar - Download it!

Lord of the Clicks Toolbar

Hello all. We have just finished creating our Lord of the Clicks Toolbar. For those of you that are members you know what an advantage it is to be a part of the Fellowship of the Click. Fellowship of the Click you say? The Fellowship of the Click is a group of 9 Click Exchanges dedicated towards boosting your website income! How wonderful is that?

To help with this we have created our very own branded ToolBar. With our toolbar you can have 1 click access to the entire Fellowship, not to mention exclusive random bonus credits and exclusive discounts available only to those members who have the Lord of the Clicks Toolbar installed. Not only that but there are many great resources to help you increase website traffic and profits. Great way to make money from home.

So let's recap the benefits of the ToolBar.

  1. Exclusive Random Bonus Credits only available to members who have it installed
  2. Exclusive Discounts on all items availabe at LordoftheClicks.com
  3. Easy Access to all Fellowship sites from 1 convenient location.
  4. Chat with other fellow LordoftheClicks members via the toolbar chat (Great Feature)
  5. Email notifier, get notified when you receive new e-mails to your Pop3, Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail accounts.
  6. Great Website Tools and resources on how to increase your Website Income.
Download it Now!

Hope you all use it! Stay Tuned for More Updates!

Monday, August 28, 2006

NEW!!! LOTC Blog - Check it out!

Welcome to the Lord of the Clicks Blog

We have set this blog up to share all about our Uniquely Themed Traffic Exchange. Our site is a traffic exchange that was specifically created to help you increase your website traffic as well as increase your website earnings.

What makes Lord of the Clicks so unique? You might ask. Is it the uniquely themed design of it that makes it so unique? Although we are very proud of our W.I.P (Work in Progress) and the way it looks so far it is not the design or the theme that makes it unique. That only plays a very small part in the way that we are able to increase your website profits. The thing that makes Lord of the Clicks traffic exchange so unique is the concept of being able to surf or refer for Pro Upgrades. Let me pause for a moment and repeat it again to make sure that you see it.

At Lord of the Clicks you are able to earn PRO Upgrades by simply surfing or referring members. Isn't that an amazing feature! Why would you want to surf at a site where all you get is the same measly ratio every single day regardless of how much you participate in the site. Day in day out you can click and surf and you will still remain the same level you were unless you pay for it.

So Lord of the Clicks decided to be different. We decided to give our members a purpose for surfing every single day if they wish. A benefit for being loyal active members. After all isn't that the best way to increase your website traffic, by creating loyal active members? We thought so too. We thought that if we gave incentives to surf that it would create a highly active community where all members would enjoy the increase in website traffic and profits.

So what are you waiting for? Login and start surfing for those upgrades. Why would you want to waste your time anywhere else?

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More Awesome Features to be listed soon! Stay Tuned!